Students who enroll at City University of Sioux Falls should do so with the realization that they are presumed to be serious and committed to academic purposes and are expected to conduct themselves as good citizens of the university community.

An effective guardianship of the health, general safety, and welfare of all students must be maintained.

The final responsibility for the accomplishment of these purposes must rest upon the administration and faculty of the institution who may prescribe certain rules and enforcement procedures for guidance toward these ends. Information concerning such rules and additional procedures is contained in the CUSF Student Handbook and in supplementary bulletins that may be published from time to time.


CUSF is committed to the full support of the rights of its students, including due process in student disciplinary matters. Detailed procedures designed to safeguard student rights and to guarantee fair and impartial treatment of any and all disciplinary cases are published in the CUSF Student Handbook. Methods developed to provide due process in student disciplinary matters are based on the 1967 joint recommendations of the American Association of University Professors, the National Association of Students, and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators; they conform to Title IX-Educational Amendments of 1972. 

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