Former students who have not been in attendance for one year or more must apply for readmission by filing an application for readmission with the Registrar’s Office. Students seeking readmission who were previously suspended or expelled from Si Tanka University must provide reason(s) for readmission, including documentation that all previous issues, activities and/or violations of the University Standards of Student Behavior have been rectified and/or resolved. Students have the option of graduating under either the catalog in effect at the time they re-enter the University, or the catalog in effect at the time they complete requirements for a degree provided they maintain continuous enrollment of at least one credit per year. Students applying for readmission who have attended other higher education institutions since their most recent enrollment at CUSF must submit an official transcript from each institution attended to the Registrar’s Office before a readmission decision can be made. 


    If accepted for readmission, a student previously suspended due to academic probation will begin the first term automatically placed back on probation. Again failing to meet the minimum CGPA and academic requirements will result in suspension from the University permanently.  There will be no more warning after the first probation period is in effect.

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