Course requirements for graduation are listed under each individual program. A student who is continuously enrolled, i.e. is registered for at least one course in a year, may choose the degree requirements to be satisfied from:

1.       the catalog in effect when the student first enrolled or;

2.       any subsequent catalog.

A readmitted student may choose degree requirements to be satisfied from:

1.       the catalog in effect when the student was readmitted or;

2.       any subsequent catalog provided the student is continuously enrolled after readmission.

The total number of credit hours from courses taken at CUSF (except those on an “S”/”U” basis) and presented to meet the requirements for a specific degree, divided into the total quality points received, must equal 3.0 or greater.

A candidate for a degree, upon registering for the final quadmester of enrollment, must announce graduation candidacy to the Registrar by filing a formal Graduation Intent Form. At that time, the Registrar must be furnished with a list of all courses the student wishes to submit in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree. It is the responsibility of the candidate, after consultation with the major department and the Registrar, to make sure that the courses fulfill all requirements for graduation. The student’s major advisor, who certifies that the courses taken meet the requirements for the degree specified, must sign the Graduation Intent Form. Any arrangement involving a departure from the regular requirements for graduation requires the approval of the Academic Dean.

All fees, and financial, and academic obligations to CUSF must be met before a student will be awarded a degree or receive a transcript.

The University reserves the right to make curriculum changes. Assurance is given to students that proper measures will be employed to avoid hardships that may result from such changes. An annual degree check is available to undergraduate students who wish to verify their progress toward a degree.


Terminal transfer credits, i.e. credits earned at another college or university in order to complete the last degree requirements at the university, are not allowed except by approval of the Academic Dean when unusual circumstances appear to justify it. A student who anticipates the need for requesting terminal transfer credit should do so as soon as practical and in no event later than the time of filing the Graduation Intent form for a degree. The request should be addressed to the Academic Dean. It should contain a statement of the circumstances which, in the student’s judgment, justify the request, and a specific statement of the program proposed for obtaining the terminal credits. Approval, if granted, will be of a specific program.  The student is responsible for providing an original transcript of completed coursework from the approved institution.   No degree will be awarded without completion of all conditions identified in the approval letter.  

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