Before withdrawing from the University, a student is responsible for the return of all previously issued CUSF property and settling or making arrangements for all financial obligations to CUSF. The student must submit a Withdrawal Notice to the Registrar and complete a Withdrawing Student Survey Form at Student Services. Withdrawal from CUSF at any time without satisfactory notice and settlement may result in the withholding of transcript or credits until all university obligations are satisfied.

    A student may petition for “Withdrawal Without Prejudice” under extremely unusual circumstances such as serious illness or a death in the student’s immediate family.  Such a petition must be presented in writing with supporting documentation (i.e. a statement from a physician, military authorities, etc.) before the end of the quadmester to the Academic Dean for review and consideration.  The student may request a refund of tuition.  The Academic Dean will make a decision based on the facts presented in each case.


    City University of Sioux Falls reserves the right to administratively withdraw students from registered courses, due to a medical emergency, academic dishonesty, disruptive conducts, or violation of laws.

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