Even though CUSF does not participate in any federal financial aids and grants programs, but it still complies the satisfactory academic progress policy (SAP) policy with federal regulations that in order to maintain eligibility for students receiving federal financial aid must be making toward the degree. The SAP policy governs the eligibility of all CUSF students for enrollment at the University.

CUSF's SAP policy serves as an accurate and honest measure of student success, assessing the completion of coursework toward degree or diploma attainment while providing early identification of students requiring additional academic support.

The three criteria for continued eligibility for federal funds are as follows:

• Grade Point Average (GPA)

After the completion of each quadmester (regardless of the number of credits accrued), a graduate student must maintain the required cumulative GPA of 3.0 to receive federal financial aid. Students in programs that do not receive letter grades must receive a Pass (P) in all courses taken.

• Maximum Time Frame

The student must complete his or her educational program within a timeframe no longer than 150% of the published length of the educational program. A master’s degree is 36 credits.

Therefore a student must complete his or her program after attempting a maximum of 54 credits (including accepted transfer credits) for a 36 credit program.

Students who change academic programs or pursue additional degrees/certificates will have their allowable maximum timeframe adjusted on an exception basis. No student shall receive any financial aid for study beyond the maximum time frames.

• Completion Rate

Students must complete 67 percent of credits attempted. The percentage of completion is determined by dividing the total number of credits successfully completed by the total number of credits the student has attempted.

Completion Rate = Credit hrs successfully completed / Total Credit hrs attempted


Example: A student has attempted a total of 30 hours. In order for the student to be financial aid eligible he or she must have completed 21 hours (30 hrs x 67% = 20.1). *Grades that are considered successfully completed are A, B, C, P.

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