The Master of Science in Information Management (MSIM) program is designed to provide students with both the business knowledge and technical skills required by today's information technology professionals. This program assures that the graduates are adequately prepared to enter and continue to practice in the field of Information Technology. Students learn about multimedia technology, the Internet, web site design, computer-based systems, computer networks, data communications, network security, databases, application development and code programming.


Course Requirements: 36 credit hours


Cornerstone Courses:  15 credit hours


ACC 500         Accounting for Managers

MGT 500        Principles of Management      

COM 500        Managerial Communication      

FIN 500          Financial Management

IFS 500           Information Technology for Managers     


Concentration (choose 7)**:  21 credit hours


CSC 511         Computer Architecture

CSC 512         Operating Systems

CSC 513         Data Structure

CSC 514         Database Theory

CSC 561         Man-Machine Studies

IFS 511           Cyber Security

IFS 520           Information Policy

IFS 527           The Laws in Cyber Space

IFS 537           Principles of Decision Making

IFS 535           Cyber Intelligence

IFS 542           Software Engineering

IFS 577           Data Mining


**  In selecting concentration courses, students are  advised to consult with the Chair of the Information Technology Department.

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