City University of Sioux Falls, Inc., located at 519 West 22nd Street, Suite 100, Sioux Falls, SD 57105, is a private co-educational institution incorporated under the laws of the state of South Dakota. The corporation operates a main campus in Sioux Falls, SD. The University operates under guidelines and policies established by its Board of Directors. The University President is the Chief Executive Officer of the University and has the responsibility of managing all aspects of the campus and has authority to exercise policies established by the Board of Directors. The institution's corporate officers execute legal documents and perform functions as required of corporate officers by law.

The Board of Directors is the ultimate governing body of City University of Sioux Falls. The Board manages our university affairs and academic integrity. The Board must assign the functions to a range of administrative officers, faculty, and other individuals or groups. It is responsible for determining the broad policies under which CUSF operates, approving operating plans proposed by the president, granting degrees and, through delegated authority, for appointing the faculty and appointing tenure. Performance is reviewed by regularly evaluating the accomplishment of goals that may be set forth by the Board of Directors.

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